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How do I get a beta key? How do I use my beta key?

How do I get a beta key?

When one of our games is in closed beta, we generally have a signup form to register for the beta. Signing up does not guarantee that you will receive a key immediately. Sometimes it can take a few days or weeks before you can be sent a beta key. It all depends on where we are in the beta process.

Additionally, we often offer what is known as a Founders Pack that can be purchased. Such Founders Packs will generally grant immediate access to the beta, thus bypassing any beta key requirement.

How do I use my beta key?

Once you have your beta key, how you apply it to your account can vary between platform.

Xbox or PS4

You will need to enter your key into the relevant console store's code redemption feature. This will then permit you to download the game client and enter the game.


You will need to download the game client first. Once you have done this, start it up and log in with your Hi-Rez account. Once logged in, you will see an option to enter your beta key. If instead you see a 'play' button, you don't need a key anymore as either we have removed the key requirement or you already have access to the game.



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