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Clan Name Change Policy

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How can I Change My Clan Name in Smite?


Clans are an important part of the SMITE community. Competitive teams typically need to play under the name of the professional sponsor. Additionally, we understand that large community organizations may come to SMITE with an established reputation from other games. Because of these scenarios and similar ones, we will assist groups with clan name changes including making names available that are used by inactive players or groups.

eSports Organizations

  • For eSports teams, we will make a name or tag available that is based on a professional sponsorship. A name change can be requested by sending a detailed email to
  • Established eSports organizations can also receive a free clan name and tag change if they are a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Proof will need to be sent with the request to

Community Organizations

  • For community organizations, the owner/operator of the organization can request a name or tag that is already taken by sending a detailed ticket to our support team. All criteria listed below is required to gain access to the name.
    • The current “owner” of the requested name or tag must be inactive for 90 days or more.
    • An email will be sent to the current owner giving the player 24-hours notice of the name acquisition. If the player does not reply and login to the game within at least 24 hours, the name or tag will be made available.

Owner of Changed Clan Name or Tag

  • If a clan name or clan tag that you were the owner of was changed due to one of the above requests, we will change your clan name/tag for free upon ticket request to our support team.
  • If you previously purchased a clan name/tag change via the in-game service prior to it being taken, we will also provide a gem refund for that purchase.



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