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Deserter Penalty

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What is the deserter penalty and how does it work?


When would I receive a deserter penalty?

In SMITE you receive the deserter penalty whenever you leave a match that is in progress, leave the match lobby, or do not accept a match invite.

What happens when I receive a deserter penalty?

  • When you desert a match a 24 hour clock is started.
  • Each time you desert the clock starts over.
  • The first time you desert you get a 30 minute ban from joining match queues. Second time you get 60 minutes, then 120. Fourth time and above is 4 hours.
  • You must not have deserted for 24 hours to have your deserter count reset to zero.
  • A separate deserter penalty occurs when specifically not accepting a match invite. This penalty is 2 minutes and also escalates in the same way as the other type of penalty.

I believe I received a deserter penalty when I should not have. Can I have it removed?

Unfortunately, the deserter penalty uses an automated system so our support team can not remove the penalty.

I experienced issues with my internet connection which resulted in the deserter penalty. Why did I get the penalty when the disconnection was not my fault?

It is not possible to differentiate between an intentional and unintentional disconnection. Because of this, both scenarios are treated the same.



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