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HiRez / Twitch Linking

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HiRez / Twitch Linking

Hi-Rez / Twitch Linking FAQ
Can I unlock the Smite Twitch Prime rewards multiple times on multiple Hi-Rez accounts?
No. The Twitch Prime reward(s) can only be unlocked once on one Hi-Rez account per Amazon Prime account. We do not recommend attempting to link/re-link to multiple Hi-Rez/Twitch accounts in an attempt to get rewards multiple times. Not only will this not work, but it could put your account in a bad state.

Can I get the rewards on PC, Xbox, and PS4?
Yes! While the items from the Twitch Prime event can only be unlocked on one Hi-Rez account, those items will also unlock on any console accounts linked to that Hi-Rez PC account.
This means if your Hi-Rez PC account is linked to a PS4 and/or Xbox account, you will get the reward(s) on those accounts as well.
Note: There is sometimes a delay in receiving the reward(s) on multiple platforms. Please allow up to an hour for the reward(s) to show up on your other accounts. You may also need to re-log.
Help! I don't see the Twitch Prime reward(s) on my account.
Please ensure that you have claimed the offer from as outlined in the steps above. After you have done that, you will need to restart SMITE/Paladins.
If you still do not see the rewards, please also ensure that you're logging into the correct Hi-Rez account that is linked with your Twitch Prime account.

Help! I don't see the reward(s) on my console account.
Please ensure you have completed the console linking process with the Hi-Rez account you have linked to Twitch. You can find instructions on how to link your Hi-Rez account to an Xbox or PS4 account via the sites linked below.

I redeemed the reward(s) on the wrong account. Can you move them to another Hi-Rez account?
Unfortunately, we can not move the rewards from one Hi-Rez account to another.

Help! I’m having issues with Twitch, Twitch Prime, or Twitch Prime is not available in my Country!
For any issues with Twitch/Amazon, please see the following knowledge base article.

I’ve tried to link before but I receive an error or my accounts won’t link!
Please clear your web browser's cache files. Refresh the account management web site:
Once logged into your desired user account, click the Links tab, found between Invitations and Logout.
Click the "Link your Twitch account" button and enter your Twitch account information. Click YES when it asks if you want to link.
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