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How to link my PS4 account

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How do I link my PS4 account to my Hi-Rez account?


What is an 'account link'?

Linking your PC and Playstation 4 accounts tells us that both accounts are owned by the same person, so that certain items can be unlocked on both platforms at once. Linking does not transfer or copy any items or progress.

Where do I link my account?

What do I get if I link my accounts?

By linking your account, you will receive the following items on both platforms:
  • SMITE:
    • Odin
    • Worlds Collide Odin skin
    • Additionally, if you have PS+, you can unlock the Kuku 4 skin for both platforms
  • Paladins:
    • Stage 4 Androxus skin

Do I have to link my accounts?

No, it's up to you!

Can  I link my Playstation 4 account to an Xbox One account?

No, unfortunately that functionality is not available.

I play on PC or Xbox One. Can I copy my progress and purchases to Playstation 4?

No, unfortunately account copy was a limited time offer and is no longer available.



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