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MSVCT110.dll or MSVCP110.dll Error

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What do I do if I receive an error about missing MSVCR110.dll or MSVCP110.dll?


Go into your Smite install folder and navigate to the REDIST folder.

Standalone Launcher:  ...\Program Files (x86)\Hi Rez Studios\HiRezGames\Smite\Binaries\Redist

Steam: ...\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SMITE\Binaries\Redist

Run 'UE3Redist_vs2012.exe' from this folder.

If this does not work, follow the instructions below to uninstall and reinstall your Microsoft Visual C software.

1. In Windows, go to: Control Panel > Uninstall a Program

2. Right click and uninstall the following items:

- Microsoft Visual C 2012 (x64)
- Microsoft Visual C 2012 (x86)
- Microsoft Visual C 2010 x86 Redistributable

3. Now re download and install the following:

C 2012 x64/x32 (be sure you install both)


C 2010 x32


C 2010 SP1 x32

4. Reboot your PC when this is done and try launching the game.




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