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Paladins PS4 FAQ

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Paladins PS4 FAQ


What is the Paladins Console Open Beta and how does it work?

Open Beta means everyone is invited to play Paladins for FREE on PS4. Just download and play! We'll continue to innovate and build on the Paladins experience as we approach launch.

You can also purchase a Founder's Pack which unlocks all current and future Champions! Founders Pack owners also receive exclusive skins and some bonus in-game currency!

Will I keep my progress when Paladins is out of Beta?

Yes! All of the items you unlock and purchase are yours to keep. Your account level and champion level will carry over as well. The Open Beta is a great time to jump in and get a head start!

Depending when you join, your competitive ranking and leader board status may reset. That is unrelated to the beta and expected as we move between competitive seasons.

Do I need Playstation Plus to play Paladins?

No! You can download and play Paladins without having Playstation Plus, but PS Plus members unlock Victor's exclusive Soldier+ collection!

Will it be on the same patch schedules as the PC version?

Console patches with new game content will typically have the same content, but will be released 1-2 weeks later than PC.

What is an account link?

Linking your Hi-Rez and PS4 accounts tells us that both accounts are owned by the same person, so that certain items can be unlocked on both platforms at once. Linking does not transfer or copy any items or progress.

Are there rewards associated with linking?

If you link your accounts, you'll unlock the Androxus 'Stage 4' skin on both your PC and PS4 accounts.

Where do I link my account?

Can I copy or transfer my PC account content to my PS4 account?

Information regarding the Paladins PC to console Account Copy process can be found here:  

Can I link more than one PC account to the same PS4 account?

You can link one PC account to your PS4 Paladins account.

Can I link the same PC account to more than one PS4 account?

You can link one PS4 account to your PC account.

How does the PS4 version compare to the PC version?

Paladins was created with console in mind, from the UI to gameplay mechanics. our goal is to provide the same seamless and natural gameplay experience that PC players love.

Will there be cross platform play available?

While technically possible, it's not in our current plans.

Is Paladins free to play on PS4?

Yes! Hi-Rez Studios is committed to making free-to-play games, and Paladins will always be free-to-play.

I already linked my accounts for Smite. Do I need to link them again for Paladins?


I linked the wrong account. How do I unlink my accounts so I can link the correct one?

Please visit, follow the login steps for both your Hi-Rez account and your Playstation account, and you will be presented with an option to unlink your account.

Are there other free skins available?


Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube to unlock more FREE skins!

Can promotional codes be used on both PC and PS4 platforms?

Yes. However, not all codes that have been previously generated will work on console. If you are unsure of what platforms your code will work on, here is the official Hi-Rez guidelines for promotional codes:
  1. If a code starts with PC, it is PC only.
  2. If a code starts with XB it is Xbox only. (note, some codes may only start with an X but are still Xbox only).
  3. If a code starts with PS it is PS4 only.
  4. If a code starts with PX is is good on all platforms.
  5. If a code is a 5x5 (xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx) it is a Microsoft code and must be redeemed in the Microsoft store.
  6. If a code is a 4x3 (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx) it is a Playstation code and must be redeemed in the Playstation store.

What do I need to do in order to get the PS4 Pro 4K enhancements on Paladins?

If you have a PS4 Pro and a 4K display, all you need to do is download Paladins. The current version has PS4 Pro support. You can find the PS4 Pro FAQ here.



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