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Paladins Xbox Account Copy FAQ

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Paladins Xbox Account Copy FAQ



It is no longer possible to transfer, merge or otherwise copy an account from PC to Xbox. This function was officially ended on July 15th of 2017. There are currently no plans to re-enable this function. There are no exceptions able to be made to extend this process for any player.

What is account copy?

Copying your account will mirror all of your purchases and in-game progress from your PC account to your Xbox One account, at the time the copy occurs. you may only copy your account one time - Use it wisely!
Note: Unspent Crystals, Achievements and statistics will not be copied. While Account XP will copy over, Champion XP will not copy.

How will the Account Copy process work?

The Account Copy process is initiated on the Hi-Rez Studios Account Linking website. Once on the website for Account Linking, you will log into both your PC and Xbox One accounts. You will choose to link them and then choose the option to copy your PC account into your Xbox One account.

What Will Copy from my PC account to my Xbox account?

  • Experience - JUST player level
  • Purchases including Founder's Pack and Customizations
  • Head Skins
  • Body Skins
  • Weapon Skins
  • Emotes
  • Voice Packs
  • MVP Poses
  • Sprays
  • Mounts
  • Gold (in game currency)
  • Essence (card crafting currency)
  • Radiant Chest inventory
  • Cards - Legendaries & Loadout cards, including Gold Cards.

What will  NOT be copied over from my PC account to my Xbox account?

  • Crystals (real money currency)
  • Champion Mastery
  • Champion player stats
  • Rating & Elo
  • Booster status
  • Achievements / Awards earned
  • Match History

How long do I have to copy my account?

Account Copy is available for one month. Xbox users have until July 15th, 2017. After that date you will no longer be able to copy your account.

When you say 'added', does that mean I get my PC XP, Gold and Essence plus my console XP, Gold and Essence?

Yes, your PC inventory will be added to your Xbox One account.

What does it mean to 'Link' my accounts? Is that the same as 'Account Copy'?

Linking your PC and Xbox One accounts lets us know that both of the accounts are owned by the same person so that certain items can be unlocked on both platforms at once.

Linking is a prerequisite for Account Copy, but Linking does not transfer or copy any items or progress.

Linking unlocks special reward skins on both your Xbox One and PC and allows delivery of Founders Pack bonus skins.

Do I have to link my accounts?

No, but you have to link accounts if you want to copy your account. You can link your accounts without copying, if you wish. Keep in mind that you can only copy accounts once.

Do I have to copy my account?

No, it is completely up to you if you choose to copy your account.

Does my Xbox One stuff get added back to my PC account?

Sorry, the Account Copy is one-way, from PC to Xbox One only.

Do the accounts stay in sync once copied, ie. do they progress together?

No, after the one time copy, your Xbox One and PC accounts are still effectively separate accounts.

Since Crystals don't copy over but my items do, should I spend my PC Crystals before using Account Copy?

You'll get the most effective use of your Crystals by spending them before using Account Copy.

I own an item on my PC account that is not available yet on the Xbox One version of Paladins. What happens to that item when I copy my account?

Any item that is not yet available on the Xbox One version will automatically be unlocked when that item is released on Xbox One.

What about promotional items only available on PC such as Barik's TF2 skin?

Platform specific skins will remain platform specific. For example, if you owned Barik's TF2 skin on PC and used Account Copy to copy from PC to Xbox One, the PC exclusive TF2 skin would not be unlocked on your Xbox One account.

Will Account Copy be available to players in all regions?

Players in China are not currently able to use the Account Copy feature.



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