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SMITE Connection Troubleshooting

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What are some things I can try to fix my connection to the SMITE servers?


Reset your modem or router:

Reset your modem/router, a router is just another computer and can be stuck running calculations that it shouldn’t be.  A hard restart should solve this problem.  All you should have to do is unplug the modem and/or router, wait ten seconds, and plug it back in.  Once it cycles back, login and see if the problem is still there.

Use a hard-wired connection:

Connect to your modem/router with a cable.  This is probably the easiest way to test if your wireless connection is causing problems.

Change your Wireless broadcast channel:

Wireless channels can become crowded when many people are using the same channel.  If you do not know how to change your Wi-Fi channel go to this URL:

Secure your network:

Is your connection properly secured?  Are there no unauthorized users on your network?  If there are authorized users sharing bandwidth, you may need to have them take a break while you play. You should consult the documentation for your router for instructions on how to do this.

Close all streaming applications and torrent clients:

Streaming applications and torrents can use up a large percentage of your available bandwidth and cause other programs and applications to lag.

Make sure your installation of Windows is fully up-to-date:

The updates you may be missing can be the cause of your issue. Various updates fix bugs both in the software of your operating system as well as the protocols used to connect to online services.

Update your video card drivers:

You can find your most up-to-date drivers at one of the links below.


Update your Audio Drivers:

Ensure you have the latest Audio drivers.   You can get the latest drivers from the manufacturer's website.

Ensure the prerequisites are properly installed:

You can re-run prerequisites by opening up your hi-rez diagnostics and support utility (located on the desktop by default, or in the Hi-Rez Studios start menu folder) and then selecting "re-run prerequisites" at the bottom.

Re-install the game:

To re-install, open the diagnostics and support utility and select "reinstall" at the bottom.

Check to make sure you have the latest versions of PhysX and DirectX:

Check your Anit-virus software and firewall:

Disable virus protection and firewall while running the program or whitelist SMITE and the HiRez Patcher in your antivirus program.

Open the following ports:

You can find instructions on how to open ports here:
Open ports on router 9000,9001 TCP, and 9002-9999 UDP

Use a VPN service:

You can try using a VPN service. There are many that are publicly available. A common one that you can try for free initially is WTFast here:

If these steps fail to help, chances are that the network your ISP is using to give you access to the Internet is congested.  Call your ISP for more options.



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