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What is Account Link?

Linking your PC and Playstation 4 accounts tells us that both accounts are owned by the same person so that certain items can be unlocked on both platforms at once. Linking does not transfer or copy any items or progress. If you link your accounts, you'll unlock Odin and a free Worlds Collide Odin skin on both your PC and PS4 accounts.

Where do I link my account?

Do I have to link my accounts?

No, it is up to you!

Can I link my Playstation 4 account to an Xbox One account?

No, unfortunately that functionality is not available.

I play SMITE on PC or Xbox One. Can I copy my progress and purchases to Playstation 4?

No, unfortunately account copy was a limited time offer when SMITE first launched on PS4. There are currently no plans to enable such a function in the future.

Does the game offer tutorials for those new to MOBAs and SMITE in general?

Yes, the game has tutorials and we also offer practice modes for each game type where you play against bots. You can also team up with a co-op buddy to take on bots together.

Will it be on the same patch schedule as the PC version?

Playstation 4 patches will follow PC patches, generally within one week of the PC patch date.

Will the friend referral system be on Playstation?

Yes! You can refer your friends to unlock Gems, Gold and Exclusive Skins. More information can be found here:

Have you considered cross platform play?

While technically possible, it's not in our current plans.

Are there Playstation 4 Exclusive Skins?

Yes, We introduced Worlds Collide Odin and KuKu 4 Kukulkan as free, Exclusive Playstation skins. Worlds Collide Odin can be unlocked by linking your PS4 account to a Hi-Rez Studios account, while KuKu4 Kukulkan is available for all Playstation Plus users.

Do I need Playstation Plus to download and play SMITE?

No! You can download and play SMITE without having Playstation Plus



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