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SMITE: Ultimate God Pack - FAQ

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SMITE Ultimate God Pack - Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the SMITE Ultimate God Pack?

You unlock all current and future gods.

2. How many Gods does the Ultimate God Pack include?

The Ultimate God Pack currently contains all gods in the game and you will automatically receive all future new gods as they are released.

3. How much does the God Pack cost?

The God Pack is available at a price of: USD 29.99/GBP 20.99/EUR 23.99.

4. I spent a bunch of SMITE Gems and Favor to buy Gods already! Do I have to spend more to get the god pack?

When you purchase the Ultimate God Pack, you will receive a FAVOR refund for any gods purchased prior to buying the Ultimate God Pack. If you used gems to purchase a god, you will receive the FAVOR equivalent cost for that god. No gems are refunded as part of this Favor Refund.



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