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Smite Xbox FAQ - Primary


Why should I play SMITE on Xbox?

SMITE has a lot of things that make it fun to play! One of the key things is the 3rd person camera angle which gives you a great feel for being in the game and requires skill shots to hit your opponents. This gives you direct control of your character similar to what you experience in an MMO or Shooter game. SMITE has multiple game modes you can try out to go with the 63 Gods (plus a new one every 3 - 4 weeks) to try out and master.

Does the game offer tutorials for those new to MOBAs and SMITE in general?

Yes, the game has tutorials and we also offer practice mode for each game type where you play against bots. You can also team up with a co-op buddy to take on bots together. Plus, there are a ton of videos on YouTube that can help as well.

How does Xbox version compare to PC version?

Our goal is to provide the "complete" SMITE experience on the Xbox One, with the full gameplay experience beloved by PC users. At the same time, we want to do so in a way that feels completely natural and fluid to console users. So as you play you will see that we've invested a lot of time to make sure the user interface and controls feel great to console players.

Is Xbox Live Gold required to play Smite?

Microsoft requires an Xbox Live Gold account to access multiplayer for Smite and all other online multiplayer games.

Can I link/transfer my PC account?

You are able to link your PC and Xbox One accounts. This will provide you with Zeus as well as the Zeus X skin on both your Xbox and PC accounts.
It is not possible to copy, merge or otherwise transfer assets between these accounts.

How do I unlock additional Gods?

There are several ways:
You can unlock gods with our in game currency (Favor) that you gain by playing in PvP matches

You can purchase gems to buy individual gods OR purchase the Ultimate God Pack Bundle which grants you all current and future gods plus a favor credit for any gods you have already purchased.

Is the Friend Referral Program on Xbox?


Is there cross-platform play?

From a content standpoint, we keep the Xbox and PC versions very close to each other in terms of their update schedule. But cross-platform play is not in our current plans. That's driven less by technical constraints than by our simple belief that, for this type of game, console players will most enjoy playing with other console players and vice versa.

What is pricing model for SMITE on Xbox One?

The pricing model on the Xbox One is the same as the pricing model on the PC. Smite is free-to-play on the Xbox One. Optional in-game items can be purchased via gems which will be available within the Xbox One store. And the Ultimate God Pack is available on the Xbox One as part of the SMITE Ultimate God Pack Bundle.

MOBAs have never done well on the Xbox. Why is SMITE different?

SMITE's 3rd person camera perspective and action gameplay make it the perfect MOBA game to bring to Xbox. The AAA graphics and general gameplay have transitioned very well to the 10-foot experience.

SMITE also has multiple game modes that users can play in. So we offer varying levels of complexity depending on a users preference.

Can promotion codes be used on both PC and Xbox platforms?

A few key rules to this:

  1. If a code starts with PC, it is PC only.
  2. If a code starts with XB it is Xbox only. (note, some codes may only start with an X but are still Xbox only).
  3. If a code starts with PX is is good on both platforms.
  4. If a code is a 5x5 (xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx) it is a Microsoft code and must be redeemed in the Microsoft store.



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