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SMITE Xbox Founder's Pack & Account Transfer FAQ

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SMITE Xbox Founder's Pack & Account Transfer FAQ



The Xbox Founder's Pack is no longer available.
It is no longer possible to transfer, merge or otherwise copy an account from PC to Xbox. This function was disabled in August of 2015. There are currently no plans to re-enable this function.


SMITE Xbox Founder's Pack & Account Transfer FAQ

NOTE: If you are having problems with your Founder’s Pack, please read the SMITE Xbox Founder’s Pack Problems FAQ

Can I buy gems in the Alpha?

Yes, Xbox alpha players can purchase Gems in­game!  You are able to buy gods and skins for Gems, with more content coming soon. That Chaac Slaughterhouse skin you’ve always wanted is now yours to obtain. There are no account wipes moving forward, so you’ll keep whatever you buy­­any and all purchases are permanent.

By the way, since we’re still testing, all purchases, including the Founder’s Pack, are only available to folks who here.

Wait, did you say Founder's Pack?

Yep, we’re testing our Founder’s Pack, which we’ll roll out at the start of closed beta in May. Alpha players can buy it now if they’d like. It’s a pretty ridiculous value really: over $50 worth of stuff for $29.99, and it includes the Ultimate God Pack­­meaning you get every god in the game (63 so far), plus every god we’ll ever release in the future. On top of this you get 400 Gems and a couple of awesome new skins: the Exclusive Ares “Soldier of War” skin and the Limited Ymir “Cacodemon X” skin.

How do I get the Founder's Pack?

The Founder's Pack is no longer available.

How do Hi-Rez promo codes work?

If you are lucky enough to get a Hi­Rez promo code for a free item in SMITE on Xbox, you will be able to redeem these in the Marketplace as well. We give these codes away at events like PAX, or often through our Twitter and Facebook feeds. If you do get a Hi­Rez code, make sure it’s for the Xbox version of SMITE ­­Hi­Rez codes for the PC game won’t work in the Xbox version at this time.

What if I have the Ultimate God Pack already on the PC?

We are offering a one­time account merger if you want to copy select items and progress from your SMITE PC Account to your SMITE Xbox One account. The account merge between PC and Xbox is now available here:! We have an Account Merge FAQ page below for more information:


Account Merge FAQ

  • What is "Account Merge?"
    • The “Account Merge” was a one­time merger of PC and Xbox accounts that would bring over select progress and purchased items from a player’s PC account to their Xbox account.
  • When can I merge my account?
    • The account merge is no longer available.
  • How long will account merging be available?
    • It was  available for a limited time only, during the alpha and beta. Account merging ended in August of 2015.
  • How will the account merge work?
    • The Account Merge process was initiated on the website, not from within the Xbox game.
    • On the Account Merge page on the website, you would log in with both your PC and your Xbox accounts, choose to link them, and then choose the option to merge your PC account into your Xbox account.
    • Your purchases, favor earned and XP from your PC account would have be *added* to your Xbox account. GEMS WERE NOT TRANSFERRED.
    • The following were NOT added to your Xbox account
      • Gems
      • Mastery Levels
      • Any stats or activities
  • When you say “added,” does that mean I get my PC favor and XP, plus my Xbox favor and XP?
    • Yes, we would have added your PC favor and XP to your existing Xbox favor and XP. You would have gotten both.
  • What does it mean to “link” my accounts? Is that the same as Account Merge?
    • Linking your PC and Xbox accounts just lets us know that the accounts are owned by the same person so that certain items can be unlocked on both platforms at once. Linking was a prerequisite for Account Merging, but doesn’t transfer or copy any items or progress.
    • The skins you get from the Xbox Founder’s Pack were  added to both your Xbox and PC accounts, if you linked accounts. Plus, if you linked your accounts, you will get a free Zeus Xbox skin on both your PC and Xbox accounts.
  • Do I have to link my accounts?
    • No, but you had to link accounts if you wanted to merge your account. You can link your accounts without merging if you want. Keep in mind that you could only merge accounts once.
  • Do I have to merge my accounts?
    • No, it’s completely up to you.
  • Does my Xbox stuff get added back to my PC account?
    • Sorry, no, the account merger was one­way, from PC to Xbox.  But the skins you got from the Founder’s Pack would have been added to both your Xbox and PC accounts, if you linked accounts.
  • Do the accounts stay in sync once merged, i.e. progress together?
    • No, after the one­time merger, your Xbox and PC accounts are effectively two separate accounts.
  • Since Gems don’t copy over but my items do, should I spend my PC gems before merging?
    • Yes, that would probably make the most sense.
  • Should I wait until the last possible moment to merge accounts?
    • Some players will want to wait so that they can get a few more months of PC game progress copied over. That said, we think most will just want to merge right away. Plus, the time window to merge is limited, so please don’t wait and then forget to merge.
  • I own the Ultimate God Pack on the PC but can’t merge my account until the Closed Beta. Do I have to wait until then to play all my gods?
    • During the alpha, we will continue to make all gods available for free on weekends.
  • Will the account merger be available to players from all regions?
    • No. Account merging was not available on Latin America, Brazil, or China servers.
  • I own an item that is not available yet on the Xbox version of Smite. What happens to those items when I merge my accounts?
    • Any item that is not yet available on the Xbox version is placed in an a queue and is automatically unlocked when the required version is released on Xbox.


Founder's Pack FAQ

  • What is the Founder’s Pack?
    • The Founder’s Pack offers tremendous value to players who help test SMITE on Xbox One during the alpha and beta. It unlocks all current and future gods, and also contains 400 Gems, the Exclusive Ares “Soldier of War” skin, and the Limited Ymir “Cacodemon X” skin, all for $29.99. The Founder’s Pack is only available for a limited time, and will be discontinued shortly after the official Xbox One launch, later this year.
  • Is the Founder’s Pack available on the PC? How do I get the Ymir “Cacodemon X” and Ares “Soldier of War” skins on both the Xbox and PC?
    • While the Founder’s Pack is only available on Xbox One, you can get the Ymir “Cacodemon X” and “Ares Soldier of War” skin on both the Xbox One and your PC accounts. If you buy the Founder’s Pack on Xbox One and link your Xbox One account to your PC account, you will get the skins on your PC account.  Account linking and account merging are not yet available, but will be coming soon . Check for updates and details.
  • Can I buy the Ultimate God Pack separately?
    • Eventually you will be able to buy the standalone Ultimate God Pack on Xbox One, but since it’s included in the Founder’s Pack already, for the same price as the Ultimate God Pack, there’s no reason to offer it separately at this time.
  • How much does it cost?
    • The Founder’s Pack is $29.99, which is the same price as the standalone Ultimate God Pack. Prices for other regions may vary.
  • When can I buy the Founder’s Pack?
    • Players in the Xbox Alpha can buy the Founder’s Pack now. The Founder’s Pack will be available until shortly after the Xbox launch later this year, at which point it will be retired and replaced with the standalone Ultimate God Pack.
  • Where can I buy the Founder’s Pack?
    • Players in the Xbox alpha can buy the Founder’s Pack in game by going to “Marketplace” on the main menu in the game.
  • What does it mean that the skins are “Limited” and “Exclusive”?
    • “Limited” means that it will never be used or sold again, so the only way to ever get the Limited Ymir “Cacodemon X” skin is to get the Founder’s Pack.
    • “Exclusive” means that the skin will never be sold directly, although it could be given out for promos, such as at an event, or potentially used in treasure chests at some point in the future.
  • What will happen if I already purchased Gods on Xbox with favor?
    • We are retro­actively rewarding Favor spent on Gods for people who have purchased the Founder's Pack.
  • What will happen if I transfer my God Pack from the PC and still want the Founder's Pack?
    • God Pack transfers will not have any favor credit applied to the Xbox account.






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