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Twitch Drop Rewards

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Twitch Drop Rewards

What are Twitch Drop Rewards?

Twitch Drop Rewards are given for watching certain streams on

Please note that these are not the only streams that can give these rewards. If the streamer is properly linked, they are streaming SMITE or Paladins, and a differently linked streamer is watching, it is possible for Twitch Drop Rewards to be given.

What kinds of rewards are given?

There are various rewards available, including SMITE gems and Paladins crystals. Sometimes even skins or avatars can be made available.

How often are these rewards given?

The rewards are randomly given while watching the streams. There is no 'set time period' or interval at which these rewards are given.

Why haven't I received a reward?

Twitch Drop Rewards are not guaranteed. They are given randomly while watching the streams. Sometimes you can receive multiple rewards in a short time period, other times there may be a long interval before you receive a reward.

How do I actually get these rewards?

You must first link your Twitch account to your Hi-Rez account. This can be done here:

You can also get these rewards on your PS4/Xbox One account if they are appropriately linked to your Hi-Rez account. This can be done for each respective console via the links below.

Once your accounts are appropriately linked, you simply need to watch one of the relevant streams. The rewards will  be automatically applied to your account.

Note that you may need to log out and back in for the reward to actually be applied to your account.



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