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Uninstalling a Game

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How do I uninstall a Hi-Rez Studios Game?


To uninstall a Hi-Rez Studios game, simply open the game launcher and click the gear shift in the top right.

A new window will pop up where you will need to click the button that says "Uninstall."

This will remove all game files from your system.

Alternatively, if you are having trouble uninstalling the game client and Hi-Rez Patcher, you can follow the instructions below:

The file linked below will download a program that completely removes the Hi-Rez Patcher and all related files from your computer. Please note the following:

  • This is a last resort option only. Please do not use this program unless you have been expressly told to use it by a member of the Hi-Rez team.
  • This program will remove anything related to the Hi-Rez Patcher. It will remove all associated services and registry entries. All game files in the Hi-Rez Studios folder will also be removed.
  • Your computer should restart to complete the process. This is normal. If your computer does not restart automatically, please manually restart it to make sure you have a clean slate to download a fresh version of the game installer.

Download the uninstaller here:
Save the file to your computer, then run this program as administrator by right clicking on it and selecting the 'Run as administrator' option. When it brings up a command prompt, you will need to type 'OK' and hit enter for the program to to remove the files.

After the program is finished and your computer is restarted, download and install a fresh version of the game client via Steam or one of the links below:

If you continue to have trouble removing the game client after following all of the above instructions, please file a support ticket so we can assist you further.



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