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Xbox One Troubleshooting

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What are some things I can try to resolve my issue with SMITE / Paladins on Xbox One?


Restart your Xbox:

Please perform a full reboot of your system, also known as a powercycle or Full Reboot, cold restart or hard reset. To perform a hard restart, hold the power button for 10 seconds while the system is on. This will turn off your Xbox rather than putting it into a suspended or power saving state.

Clear your game cache:

  1. Close the game client
  2. Navigate to the game's Manage Game menu
  3. Delete Reserved Space
Doing this will clear game cache and help with any issues that may be linked to game client settings and or loading panels.

Set a static IP address for your Xbox One:

Instructions to do this can be found here:

This helps ensure your NAT type is always set to open, and will help us with port forwarding in the next step.


Setup Port Forwarding for the Xbox Network for your Xbox One:

Instructions to do this can be found here:

Find your router brand and model, then follow the directions on how to open the specified ports. Make sure you Select 'Xbox One' and put in your IP correctly in Step 4.



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