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How do I get a refund?


If you purchased any digital content via our online store and this content has been unlocked on your account, we can not process a refund. All digital sales from our web store are final.

If you purchased any in-game items, we can only offer a refund for the item if the item purchased was not unlocked. We will NOT process a refund for any in-game items because the user does not like them or the item was purchased by accident.

If you were charged multiple times for in-game currency, we will process a refund if the gems/crystals/gold have not been spent. If they have, this will make you ineligible for a refund.

NOTE: This only applies to any in-game currency such as gems, gold, crystals, etc. Our system is not able to transfer individual items such as gods, boosters, or weapons to other accounts.

Steam Users Only:
Unfortunately we are unable to issue a refund for any purchase made via Steam. There are no exceptions able to be made. If you have an issue with a Steam purchase, you are of course still welcome to Contact our Support team to see what options may be available to you.

PC Users Only:

We cannot provide refunds due to technical issues in a non-beta game. All Hi-Rez Studios games are free to play. If a game is not in beta, we highly recommend you try the game before making a purchase.

Before the full release of our games, Hi-Rez will sometimes allow users to make real money purchases of in-game items (including bundles) which has the effect of granting immediate access to the closed beta test period.

In the unlikely event that a game will not run on your computer, even after following all the suggestions of the support tech, or you realize you not be able to play the game due to the limitations of your PC.  You may request a refund as long as you have NOT:

  • used your in-game items
  • spent any in-game currency
  • played any amount of time

Contact our Support team to request a refund.



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